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Friday, January 11, 2008
School has started and i dun like a single bit of it at all!!
being coming home almost every day cos i dun feel like sleeping in hall
my room is kinda a little dusty and dirty!
despite cleaning everyday and washing all the clothes in my cupboard!
mambo last wednesday was fun!!
we went double o for free drinks and it was super good! (:
we had like tons of shot plus vodka redbull and other housepour!
So much fun and all the laughing and photo whoring the entire night!! (:
spent the nite at phuture and it wasnt that crowded too!!
i think Zouk has better crowd control now (:
which can be a good thing and a bad thing too
my favourite babes!! (: tequila shots!!

sofi!! hot mama (:

check out how red bao is!!

okie and me as well

all of the girls!! (:

rachael!! sexy(:
hall 6 party gang once again (:

met yifang for dinner at crystal jade!! ben and jerry's after!! SHIOK to the max (:

Sunday, December 30, 2007
Not been updating for a long time cos been busy going out with friends and catching up with them (:
BAo is back and we celebrated val's birthday on the 19th (:
met amanda, ruo, ruizi and val at cafe iguana for dinner!
hahah the food isnt very great, kinda ex too ): but the margaritas are good as always! (:
Went settlers after that and we had so much fun playing all the silly games
kept screaming and laughing and we bought val a slice of cake to celebrate her bday (:
it was great company the whole night!! (: hahah enjoyed myself thoroughly
i love you girls!! (:
It was xmas phototaking in town with dear baby! (:
hahah i love this year's xmas light cos they're in purple! (: my fav colour!!
hahah it was so crowded la! everyone was busy shopping!!
i always wonder why suddenly everyone became so rich at xmas! honestly!!
bought a Guess bag for myself but it's a xmas present from my mum (: hee
Den xmas gathering with vega at estelle's sis's apartment!!
Goodness the condo was super super nice!! the swimming pool and even the public toilet was damn nice!! hahha i was damn fascinated!!
and i wanna stay there too!! (:
Jianliang, Jianming, perry and kenny all turn up (: haven seen jianming in a long long time!
and da bian liang gave me a mini vacuum cleaner!! (: hahah yes yes i got his present!!
i hope that mini vacuum cleaner can suck up all the hair that we dropped in hall! ):
perry got mine!! got him a tic tac toe cup!! i think it's cute!! perry u better use it (:
The next day we had a gathering at alexis's place and did some present exchange!!
i got berry essence!! courtesy of eeshin's mum!! hahaha what a cute present (:
Lovely affair with everyone (:
went prawning with yao, huishan, hanni, zongxuan, tim, james and glenn! haha
yes it's my first time i was super excited when i caught my first prawn!!
only caught 3 dat night ):
oh and it was tim's birthday!! hahah xmas baby (: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIMOTHY (:
next day was xmas gathering at amanda's place!!
thanks darling for organising this and we realie realie appreciate the effort (:
hahah and all of us turn up!! yes all 7 of us (: This is like the 1st time we have full attendance (:
hahah amanda was so high and giggly!!
We had vodka, bailey's and beer! haha and beer makes me sick! after vodka dat is
we took lots of jumping shots and we just kept jumping and jumping!
haha played the niu nai game! super funny and carol was so loud that i think the entire neighbourhood can hear her!
It was just great fun and bao was there! haven seen that babe for like a year??
She's back on holiday now (:
i love my girls man!! MEP rocks rite?? haha
we survive O.C.C and i'm sure we miss MISS SIM too (:
cab down after amanda's with jac to mambo!
lucky jac's friend could sign us in or else i think it's a wasted trip cos it was full house everywhere!
Oh well it was so frigging crowded that it wasnt fun anymore ):
quite sucky act. zouk is getting way too crowded and i have too many young kids trying their luck to get in as well..
hopefully this wed would was much more fun.. i'm going with my dear gfs (:
Zouk with bao and carol on friday and i was sad we cun go into phuture cos it was full house!
seriously phuture's tix were all sold out at 10.55pm! cmon it was like before 11?
honestly i was damn shocked la!!
so no choice we went to zouk which was spinning trance! hahah
carol and her fren santos can shuffle pretty well!
hahha i tried to imitate!! (:
had lots to drink, 3 girls with 8 shots, 2 jugs and a beer each.
Lucky none of us were too high and crazy (:
managed to get the bouncer to let bao and us in at 3am..
and honestly that was like the best time of the entire night!! hahah
cos bao and i cant do trance after a while.. the beat is too strong and every "song" sounds alike!
ahaha photowhoring the whole night and i had such great fun! (:
tho there were some relaie weird guys who tried to be funny..
Ya honestly, hollywood producer with 2 masters and 1 phd is like WTF??
and he's like frigging old or smt.. so NOT entertaining!
Oh new year countdown at brewerkz and it was pretty fun (:
went there with ryan and his frenz..
and for once we cun get a cab!! SERIOUS!
the cabs are all damn bad! it's like available? but they refuse to pick up customers
cos they are all waiting for pple to call them..
honestly cabs are daylight robbery now..
cos there will be calling surcharge of $2.40 and 50% midnight charge plus it's a holiday! so there's a surcharge of $2 i think.. can u believe it?
so when you get on it's like $2.80 + $2.40 + $1.40 + $2 = $8.60!!
it's crazy la i tell you!!
i'm going to stay boycotting cab unless absolutely necessary!! hahah
val, ruizi, amanda, ruo and me!! haah love you girls

pretty ruo!!

amanda's very long hand and good 'neoprint' shot! hahaha

at settler's (: my longest friends standing! 8 years my dear!! (:


life thru a reflection! will you see things differently?

the pretty tree at taka!! (:
at paragon's xmas tree

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIM!! check out the huge prawns!! i din know they have pincers until that day!

yummy yummy!! (:

all 7 of us!! jac is hidden behind shoe!! hahah

dear val (:

hahah we were trying to act cool!

hahah one of the many jumping shots which is successful! (:

hahah shoe has lots of ballerina jumps!!

i think val practise at home!! hahha

when amanda is damn high!! hahah she kept wanting to dance!
told you she's high!!

at mambo. met up with yao, glenn, tim, james and jianwen plus ijp contestants

hahah the pushing-up-your-specs look!!

zouk on friday with my babes! (:

all of us plus santos..

Great fun great company (:

Tuesday, December 18, 2007
Zoo ytd with the kids and it was fun but tiring (:
brought 20 primary 1 kids to the zoo and i had lots of fun
haha am starting to miss these kids cos they're realie adorable!!
hahah i have zhen quan and katty holding my hands..
zhen yao and zhen yong(twins!!) kept asking for permission to buy snacks
jingxuan who wants to hold my hand too
briana who kept imitating what i say
nicholas, lionel, wen rui and their many many stories to tell me
sam and zenon who kept wanting to watch the animal show
mich who always volunteer to help me
joey who kept wanting to go to the toilet and sit down (hahah!!)
nisha who kept following celest around until celest was irritated (haha!!)
my very helpful group leaders who help me do head count
( briana, li lin, wen rui, zhen quan, michelle)
ying hui, the pretty angelic girl (:
xin lin and zhi yi who kept running despite me shouting at them
hahah tho they were realie active and some were quite disobedient
i had great fun with all the kids and yes i love them all (:
xmas dinner at nydc with the netballers and we had gift exchange!! (:
i had annie's present which was a notebook from prints (:
i bought a pair of earrings from accessorize and sock ling has my present!! (:
hahah 3 of them bought the body shop set, which i almost did too!!
went to find ryan at marina square only to go home shortly after (by myself)
yup not his fault definitely, cos he and his friends did not have dinner and they were starving
and i din want to stay out late cos i had trg at 830am in the morning
haha tho not as if i'm going to sleep once i get home! (i'm act updating now!)
it's just that.. i dunoe.. i have an empty feeling inside
and i guess i just want to go home myself and kinda be alone...
mambo tmr? undecided cos i have to pay and it's gonna be crowded!!
ryan is going with his friends and tho he said he wants me to come along
i do believe him but i'm kinda in a rebellious mood..
u know just wanna go against everything he says and stuff..
foul mood and bitchy? yes i know.. but i cant helped it.. *shrugs*
nisha, michelle and xin lin!! (:

the kids at the elephant show (: (ying hui is the girl in white on the left! isnt she pretty?)

michelle, ying hui, zhen quan and zhen yong

ying hui, wen rui(very cute boy!!) and briana

the girls (:

becks and me (:

shalene!! hahah she's wearing the dress on Eden's Secret (:

Annie!! with my xmas present

all 12 of us (: hahah in our funny poses!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007
redbull kicker Jam ytd and saw a couple of good bods around (:
stace, diana, hazel and i just slacked ard cos there wun a lot of pple at the event
we ended up sampling dragon boaters along the way! (:
cafe iguana at night with ryan and his ftb frenz
had 2 macho magaritas and tons of tortilla chips!!!
that's all for my saturday night!
MANGO SALE is now on!!
i bought a pair of black jeans and a bag!!
all for only 88 bucks (: i think it's pretty worth it tho i spent lots of money this dec alr ):
and the thing is i have yet to buy any xmas presents!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007
Track trg in the morning was quite satisfying tho i'm still aching from the gym work!
But i always think dat by aching, it means that my body is toning up!! hahah!!
met ryan in town and we caught good luck chuck!!
i din know it was R21 until i met lingxin in the theatre and she said super loudly
" you 21 alr meh?"
haha it was then dat i realised that the show is R21!!
goodness man it was pretty shocking! but i think the show was fantastic!!
woohh.. she's pretty in every angle and she has a damn hot bod man!! *drools*
dinner at victor's kitchen over at sunshine plaza!!
they serve pretty good timsum (:
rochor tau huay was shiok!!
seriously that's like my favourite tau huay at the moment (:
sick and coughing and lungs out.. totally hate it!
Oh guys there's new update at Eden's Secret (:
love the new collection!!

yummy yum yum!! (: